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Email Validation REST API and API Clients

Swift Email Verifier provides a simple and powerful REST based real-time email validation API ( Application Programming Interface) without requiring you to upload your email addresses to our servers thereby offering you 100% privacy for your email addresses that you verify via our API servers. This is because we do not log nor store any of the email addresses and all verifications are done in real-time. Therefore if you are interested in our real-time email validation API to use in your custom web/desktop application without sacrificing the privacy of your mailing lists, we got you covered!.

We also provide free and easy API clients to enable you verify your emails in bulk without any need for programming. Simply use our free JAVA or Windows API client (for Windows/MAC/Linux) .

In addition, we also partner with leading desktop email verifier software providers such as Glock Advanced Email Verifier and GSA Email Verifier so you will be up and running immediately. If you already own or use any of these third-party desktop email verifier applications, you can simply insert our API key and you will be up and running in minutes!

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Windows email verifier API client

Email Processor Software

Swift Email Processor is an advanced Windows application that allows email marketers perform multiple email marketing tasks such as sending transactional/marketing or permission pass/re-confirmation campaigns in order to convert your dirty/stale/old mailing list to a Confirmed Opt-in list (COI), processing bounces and Feedback Loop reports or Abuse Reporting Format (ARF), automated IP warmup, IP reputation and blacklisting checks, automatic removal of subscribers from database that have opted out, automatically adding subscribers to database that have opted in or re-confirmed their subscriptions, automating sending messages to new subscribers on your database, validating email addresses via an email verifier API etc.

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Capture and Validate Emails in Real-Time at Point-of-Entry

Automatically prompt your subscribers to enter valid email addresses in real-time and break free from sending confirmation emails by using our free downloadable smart subscription forms for PHP and ASP.NET which is integrated with our API. Setup and usage is very easy. Simply download and install the smart form on your PHP or ASP.NET web server and order for an API key and plug it into the smart form and you are done.

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