Subscription Form Email Validation(Smart Form)

We offer a free email marketing subscription smart form for capturing and validating your subscribers emails in real-time via our API (available in ASP.NET and PHP) for webmasters, blog owners or site admins. Collecting, validating and exporting your subscribers emails is very easy with our smart form. When subscribers register and enters their email on the form on your website or blog, the API enabled smart form automatically checks to see if the email address supplied is valid or not and if it is not, displays a prompt for the subscriber to enter another email. This Subscription Smart Form allows you to set up a subscription form in you website or blog easily and is very accurate (up to 98% for all known and free email email domains such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL etc)

The subscriber email validation is done completely in your website or blog where the form is installed, so your visitors don't have to leave the page when they subscribe. Once the email has been validated and submission has been processed, the subscriber will see a "Thank you" message in a new window. On the Admin panel of the form, you can easily configure your email marketing software to import the leads directly from the MySQL email database backend of the form or simply export the emails in TXT or CSV formats.

The smart form is provided free of charge but requires the use of two API Keys which you can purchase and configure into the smart form. Each captured email is checked against two email cleaning services which is already inbuilt into the form as follows:

Email Validation : This allows you to validate your subscribers emails in real-time and check if they actually exist and can receive emails when entered into the smart form

Email Scrubbing : This allows you to scrub your email lists against our undesirable email database such as Role accounts, Disposable Email Address (DEA),Blacklisted Emails and Email Domains or Bots emails.

Once an email passes both API checks, the email is accepted. Otherwise, it will be rejected and users will be prompted to enter a new email.

How it Works

To use the real-time subsription form email validation, first you have to signup for our API Keys. After you obtain the key, the next step is to download the form script free of charge which you have to upload and install on your site. The form is available in both ASP.NET and PHP scripting languages. Once you have installed the form on your site or blog, you can customize the look and feel of the form from the admin panel of the form to suit your needs such as inserting custom logo, adding details about your subscription details, privacy policy link etc. After the form is installed, subscribers emails can then be validated in real-time using the in-built APIs to ensure that the emails are valid and of good quality before they are saved to the MYSQL database backend of the form.

To try a live working demo of the smart form, click here.

The form performs a full email validation by connecting with the actual email provider to determine if the account really exists and in addition will check the email against our database of emails which are undesirable and damaging for your email marketing such as disposable email addresses, role accounts, malicious/bogus emails, known spam traps etc. Once a subscriber has entered all information and the email has been validated, they'll see a new "Thank You" page open in their browser. The captured emails can be exported easily from within the admin panel to a CSV or TXT file which is directly usable in your email marketing software.


Real-time validation of subscribers emails at point of collection. Instantly reject invalid emails

Checks if email is valid and really exists and at the same time if it is desirable for email marketing

Includes 2 powerful in-built API for real time email validation and scrubbing

Easy automatic form installation wizard

Form can be used instantly and requires no code editing. Simply install, configure settings and you are set.

Fully customizable with ability to add custom Logo, custom form description & title, privacy policy link and custom landing or "Thank You" page

Includes an Admin panel for customizing and exporting captured emails as CSV or TXT files ready to be used by your email marketing software


Improves your inbox presence by ensuring that you collect valid email addresses at point-of-collection

Instantly prompt users to correct invalid email addresses at point-of-collection

Instantly reject certain undesirable emails such as Disposable emails, Role emails, Catch-All emails and known blacklisted/Bot emails etc.

Eliminates sending Opt-in confirmation emails which could end up in junk or marked as spam by ISP

Prevents fake registrations by eliminating up to 98% of spam and bot registrations

Protects your IP reputation by eliminating sending to fake or non-existent emails entered by users

Reach your audience and customers after they subscribe by targeting only those subscribers who really want to hear from you

Easy to publish to your website or blog in minutes with the help of the install wizard

Includes a rich admin panel for exporting the captured emails to a CSV or TXT file and customizing the look and feel of the form

Using a Subscription Form Email Validation vs Confirmed Opt-in

What are the advantages of validating email in real-time using a smart form over confirmed double opt-in? Although confirmed double opt-in is a standard practice used by email marketers to validate subscribers emails by sending a confirmation email which the subscriber must open, it has some pitfalls as you will see in the following reasons:

With increasing sophistication of email filtering and anti-Spam filters, it is becoming tough to get your emails delivered inbox. Hence, there's no guarantee your subscribers will even see the confirmation email and the confirmation emails might just get lost. And if they don't see the confirmation email, they're not going to see subsequent mailings, either

The confirmation email just might get flagged as spam by your subscribers email servers and go directly into the junk folder. Most subscribers might not see the email or might delete the email in error

Requiring subscribers to login to their email accounts and manually click on a link each time they signup or subscribe might be annoying for some subscribers. Why make it harder when you can simply validate their emails right in the subscribe form. To obtain an evidence for their subscription you could send an email later and ask them to confirm to the subscription and request to be added to the trusted senders list. This way, you minimize the chances of losing unconfirmed subscribers by having double opt-in process

By employing confirmed opt-in process, you may lose potential customers who simply may not know they need to confirm their subscription or fails to see the notice on the "Thank You" page requiring them to confirm their subscription

What is Checked by Smart Form

Email syntax: This checks the email addresses syntax and ensures that they conforms to IETF standards

Mail Server Existence Check: This checks the availability of the email address domain using DNS MX records

Mail Existence Check: This checks if the email address really exists and can receive email

Catch-All Domain Email Check: This checks if the email domain will receive all of the email messages addressed to that domain, even if their addresses do not exist in the mail server.

Disposable Email Address Check: This checks if the email is provided by a known Disposable Email Address (DEA) provider such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail and about 2000 more

Role Accounts such as,, etc

Known Blacklisted emails and Email Domains or BOT emails (Checked against over 1 million records)

Smart Form Screenshots

ASP.NET Version]

Click here to the Download Smart Form for ASP.NET.

PHP Version]

Click here to Download Smart Form for PHP.

Web Server Requirements:

Before installing our smart form, please ensure your web host meets the following requirements:

Linux, UNIX or Windows 2003 or higher (which support IIS 5 or above)

Apache 1.3.2 or above either on Linux, Unix or Windows. IIS 5 or above on a Windows server

PHP 5.2.X and above OR ASP.NET 2.0 and above

MySQL 4.1 or above. Note that you must create a database before installing the form. You will be required to enter the database details during installation

General Installation Steps:

Step 1: Unzip the form archive and upload the entire form directory to the web root of your web server. For Apache, this is normally /var/www/html and for IIS, this is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot

Step 2: Set approriate permissions to the form folder and files

Step 3: Navigate to the automatic install wizard page at : or

Step 4: Enter your password, the MySQL database details, and the API Keys to begin to installation

5: After installation, your form is now available under : and you can login to the admin panel to customize the form and add logo and description. You can also modify and customize the Thank You page as desired to suit your needs. More details on how to use the form will be available on a admin guide which you will find in the form archive.

For a detailed installation guide and user guide, please read the install guide (PDF) which you can find in the downloaded form archive.

API Key Pricing and Free Trial

To use the smart form, first you will need to authenticate yourself to our email validation service which you can do using your API key which you can order here. For pricing details, please click here.

Once you are issued an API keys, you can use the API keys to capture and validate emails up to the purchased quota via the smart form at any time and whenever you want. The API keys do not expire and you can top-up the key when needed. You will only be billed for queries that respond with a status, which indicates that the transaction was completed successfully.

If you want to try the form before placing your order, we do offer free trial option that will allow you capture and validate up to 100 email addresses. To request for a free trial access, please contact us.


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